We are an organisation dedicated to the fight against gender based violence, rape, economic exploitation, marginalisation , environmental degradation and all forms of intolerances that leads to exploitation, stigmatization and discrimination against women and girls, we are commited to enabling women and girls reach their potential and live good lives by promoting gender equality, comprehensive sexual, reproductive health and right of women and girls, especially those in low income areas, sex workers, women and girls with disabilities, women and girls affected by war crises. By empowering and celebrating the femine irise embarks on empowerment, sensitization, advocacy, community development programs and human liberation..

Initiative to Resist Institutional Slavery and Exploitation (IRISE) was founded in the year 2003 as a non-profit organization to address gender inequality, community building, women , girls , youths empowerment, poverty alleviation and human liberation (Counseling and skill development) as means to bring an end to institutional slavery and exploitation.

IRISE is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC/IT/No: 110005).

Our organization works with local and international non-profits, faith base organizations, Community base organizations and local government to educate on exploitations and oppressions of women, girls and young persons through workshops, Symposiums, walks/rally/campaigns and conferences, and also push for policy change towards equality and equity.


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